Our goal and mission

* Training dogs to guidedogs and making these dogs available to people with visual impairment.
* Promoting the mobility of blind and partially sighted people.
* Providing information on the mobility promotion of people with visual impairment through a guidedog.
* Serves the general interest.
* Is a non-profit organization.

The DCN Guidedogs foundation specializes in the training of guidedogs for the blind only.
This includes wheelchair guiding, training guidedogs for wheelchair-bound clients with visual impairment.
As a young foundation, we still have limited capacity, but we have the ambition to grow into a school that trains 15 to 20 dogs a year and delivers to people with visual impairment, thus contributing positively to mobility, independence and participation in society.

What does the foundation do?

  •     To breed and purchase aspirant guidedogspuppies
  •     To socialize and train these dogs together with our host families
  •     Training of guidedogs in accordance with the guidelines of the International Guide Dog Federation (IGDF)
  •     Co-active guidance of (aspirant) guidedog users and their environment
  •     Providing education at schools, businesses and other institutions
  •     Training enthusiastic, motivated dogtrainers to recognized Guide Dog Trainers and Guide Dog Mobility Instructors according to the IGDF Training Program