Without foster families there will be no guidedogs, they are the foundation for the special dogs.

The care and education of an aspirant guidedog is a responsible task and requires a lot of effort, time and perseverance. For this you get a lot in return. The satisfaction you get when your dog is going to work as a professional guidedog is unimaginable and our foster families are rightly proud of their pupils.

The foster families form the basis for what will become a nice, social and stable guide dog and we will coach the "puppy coaches" during the lessons we take every 14 days. Of course we also assist the foster families with the upbringing of the puppy and everything that comes with it.
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A retired guidedog?

After 6 years working the guidedog can enjoy its retirement. Most dogs then have reached an age of 8-9 years. Obviously the goodbye can be very difficult after 6 years of faithful service, friendship and companionship. Sometimes the dog stays with his boss or goes to friends, relatives or acquaintances of this boss. But if this does not happen then we are looking for a nice home. If you are interested in a retired or rejected aspirant guidedog, you can sign up for this. With your adoption, you not only make the dog happy, but certainly his old owner!