A guidedog for the blind, great dogs

The DCN Guidedogs foundation work in accordance with the IGDF guidelines. Currently, the Foundation is a Applicant Organization at the IGDF and will work hard in the coming years to obtain the Full Membership of the IGDF.

DCN Guidedogs want to distinguish themselves by training not only high-quality guidedogs, but especially by a personal, client-oriented and co-operative method. Hereby, the relationship between dog, client and instructor is central and is therefore always tailored to ensure that the best in the client and guidedog is reached.

The quality of a guidedogteam is not only dependent on the way the guidedog is trained but is also determined by the captain of the ship, the guidedog user. That is why we pay particular attention to the training and guidance of our clients.
The decision to apply for a guidedog is perhaps one of the most profound in the life of a blind or visually impaired. DCN GuideDogs guides her clients from the moment of orientation in the blind guidedog market. We also work closely with the Orientation & Mobility instructors of Royal Visio and Bartiméus to optimally prepare aspirant guidedogusers for the application of a guidedog.

With the arrival of a guidedog, the client is not only a very special tool, and the opportunity to participate independently in society, there is also a dog at home.

Dogs are fantastic, loyal and loyal pets and for many people their best friend for life. Nevertheless, having a dog involves many responsibilities. DCN therefore guide her clients not only in the field of guidingwork, but also paid a lot of attention to having a dog at home.

For DCN guidedogs, the people around the client are just as important as the actual guidedogs because they are also concerned with the guidedog. During the preparation as well as the delivery and aftercare, family members, colleagues and other people in the vicinity of the client are involved in the guidedog.

Guidedogs are reimbursed by health insurers and fall into basic insurance, so no contribution is made to the client. In addition, guidedog users will receive a compensation from their care insurer in their care insurer's maintenance costs.

As an aspirant guidedog user after the free-intake interview, decided to apply for a guidedog at DCN Guidedogs than to take care of and guide the entire lead. DCN Guidedogs arrange the application with the health insurer and, together with the occupational therapist, prepares the client optimally for the arrival of the guidedog.

Guidance is something very personal. DCN Guidedogs therefore tailor the delivery and aftercare to the wishes and needs of the client as much as possible. Of course, DCN Guidedogs have a delivery period and carries out aftercare during the six years that a blinded dog may work. We believe, however, that each team is unique and therefore needs its own guidance.