Help DCN Guidedogs

To become a guidedog, you must be cut out of the right wood as a puppy. Only the very best are eligible to follow the training to blind guiding dogs, and if you then meet the strict requirements of an aspirant guidedog then you may be quite proud.
Puppy's selected for the 2018 class did not graduate until 2020, and care, nutrition, counseling and medical care are therefore a costly case.
To support our studios financially, the Pupclub therefore seeks sponsors and donors.
You can also support the 2018 class with your donation.
This can already be from € 7.50 a month, that's not a quarter of a day!

* You can enter a monthly or one-time assignment in your own banking environment in favor of the DCN Guidedog Foundation, stating "the Pupclub" to account number NL30INGB0006888905.

Thank you for your support!