Team DCN

Elly de Kuiper / Management
Position: Board of Directors daily

About Elly: Elly is graduated paraveterinair with a lot of practice experience in mixed veterinary practices. Her entrepreneurial skills she has developed during the 10 years running as an independent entrepreneur / owner of a medium sized company. Now internally trained the GDT (GuideDogTrainer) course and holds the degree certificate Decision Holders for Animals: Dog and Cat.

Jeroen Meijer
Position: Supervisory Board / Chairman

About Jeroen: Jeroen acts as a board of supervisor without interest. He has been sent to Dutch Law. Currently working at a law firm in Amstelveen. Jeroen is also a guide dog guide.

Eduard Snippe
Position: Supervisory Board - Audit Committee

About Eduard He has always worked in the mental disability care and has recently worked as a Public Public IV employee at The Wolden Hoogeveen. In addition, he is board member and PR member of Popkoor Sing & Swing Coevorden. He is also enthusiastic about his first DCN guide dog Kyra. Interestingly he holds the position as supervisory board member and also acts as DCN ambassador during guest lessons, demos, fairs and workshops.

Helen Koning
Position: Supervisory Board - Secretary

About Helen: As an old host family, an experience expert in the education and guidance of aspirant blind guiding dogs. She now has her own dog school next to her job. By depriving her of interest as a supervisory board, she hopes to be able to support her.

Pieter-Jan Blok
GDMI / GDSE Head Training & Client Coaching

About Pieter-Jan: Pieter-Jan has more than 12 years of experience with Desudo blind guided dogs as a trainer and instructor. In addition to the training of dogs and delivery / aftercare also the person who provided the guest lessons and demos. The face of the DCN Guided Dog Foundation. Graduate O & M instructor.

Marlia Oosterhof
External Trainer / GDMI

About Marlia: Marlia has been in the field as a blind guided dog trainer and instructor since 1999. From 2014 the jump to independent instructor / trainer. For several clients, she trains blind guide dogs, ADL, autism and combination dogs. In addition, Marlia provides a training guide for the guide to the subject.