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Organize Benefit Actions, Save Old Iron, Stack Bottle Bottles, Sponsor Run, Marathon, Swim or Triathlon for Charity, you're up to it .....

Without the involvement of volunteers, it is not possible to do this great job. DCN Guidedogs therefore love the people who are committed to the training of guidedogs with their hearts and minds.

DCN Guidedogs expect from her volunteers to engage in the same enthusiasm and passion as the permanent team, voluntarily, is not free-flowing. But whether your bet is big or small, we all share in joy and success once we have helped a fantastic guide dog team.


Regularly we provide guest lessons at VMBO and MBO schools, familiarize the youth with the subject, the dog and the leader. We let them experience what it's like to be blind or visually impaired and have a learning and fun learning package for this.
If your school is interested in guest lessons then we would like to hear that!